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The foundation of the Richard – von - Weizsäcker Vocational and Sixth Form College aims at promoting training, education and international understanding.This is realised through e.g. establishing and arranging international contacts for students and young professionals. We are currently partnered with institutions in Zwolle (NL), Barcelona (E) and Taverny (F) as well as Svetla(CZ), Lincoln (GB)  and Nysa (PL).We also support international collaboration and help students to develop a well-informed opinion .The foundation administers the guest house “Marianne-von-Weizsäcker” in Lüdinghausen.Activities of the foundation are funded from the revenue of its fixed capital. Additionally, there are contributions from donations, which are used to support current activities and specific projects. The donor may dedicate his donation to specific activities or projects.

Unsere Konten:

Sparkasse Westmünsterland, Kto.Nr. 35 005 982, BLZ 401 545 30

Volksbank Lüdinghausen-Olfen eG, Kto.Nr. 44 888 400, BLZ 401 645 28

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The foundation’s main goal is the promotion of training, education and international understanding through the establishment of international contacts for students and young professionals trained at the Richard-von-Weizsäcker Vocational and Sixth Form College in Lüdinghausen.

In particular cases it is also possible to promote international projects outside of the RvW institute.
The foundation administers the guest house “Marianne - von – Weizsäcker - Haus” as a venue for international meetings in order to realise these goals.

The foundation supports all students at the RvW in forming their opinion and is devoted to strengthening their international competences through projects in and out of class. A key element is the international exchange programme.
The foundation trains and develops the people skills of young adults with a focus on tolerance, responsibility and accountability. The institution does this through teaching soft skills along with technical competences. The international exchange programme provides the opportunity for students to learn from one another cross culturally.

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Rooms at the MvW-Haus are still available. Conditions and contact information can be found by clicking on Rental Conditions.


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Account Number

Sparkasse Westmünsterland
IBAN: DE174015453000350059 82

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